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Dress up your tires



You can show off your new tires with a great set of wheels. Find a great selection of wheels or rims in our store. Our wheels are competitively priced and offered in several styles so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Get custom color wheels

Invest in chrome wheels to show off your bike

Trust our locally owned shop

Since 2009, our shop has been serving the Dubuque area with pride and a commitment to bringing back the old style of service. Get great prices and our dedicated approach to giving you the best for your bike.

Really make a statement with custom colored wheels. You can pick from black, red, green, or any color of the rainbow to complement your bike.

You can't deny that chrome wheels really make a statement. Whether you are driving down the highway or your bike is parked, it will be eye-catching.

Stop in, see our wheels, and

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